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New Reunion Report Received: Class of ’82

John Cantwell Writes:

35th Reunion of the Class of ‘82

We gathered at the Marriott Royal in Bristol for our 7th reunion.
Some had revisited the Llandoger Trow in the afternoon to lubricate the proceedings. We assembled in the bar, 23 of the 46 graduates managing to attend and all looking in good shape!
There were some apologies from those who couldn’t make it – skiing, mountain rescue, family weddings, poorly and exotic volunteering all good reasons, we felt.
We had a good meal and drinks and after, gathered for the photo shoot.
Reminiscences, laughter and friendship were the order of the evening.
There was a kind of irony in that the Bristol Dental Ball was going on in the next function room! So young, so idealistic, so slim! We are their future, poor dears!
Our year group have always enjoyed our reunions and there is a lasting camaraderie from our time together as a small group at BDH.
Looking forward to number 40!