In memoriam: Robin Davies

Robin Davies, who was Senior Lecturer in Periodontics at Bristol in the late 80’s, died in April 2015 in Manchester aged 74.  He was an able clinician and an enthusiastic teacher and was very popular with both staff and students alike.

Robin trained at Manchester University and played rugby for Manchester University and Broughton Park – he had a trial for Wales.  He passed with distinction in dentistry and knew early on that he wished to pursue an interest in periodontics.  He engaged in further studies in bacteriology and was involved in the early development of chlorhexidine as a mouthwash. Robin was on the lecturing staff at Manchester in his early days and went to Denmark for a year to work with Harald Loe. He then joined ICI and was heavily involved in the development of Corsodyl.  Following this he joined Bristol University and spent some time in Saudi Arabia as a clinician before returning to the UK as research lead for Colgate until he retired.

In retirement Robin was unlucky to suffer from Alzheimer’s. His wife Gill and members of his family supported him through this – he had 10 grandchildren!  He was a very approachable colleague and teacher with a sharp sense of humour.

The funeral was held on Monday 20th April 2015 in Manchester. Iain Hathorn represented the School.