General News

Final Results Day

Friday 15th June was the day all students dream about: the day they receive news that they have passed their final exams. Traditionally it is a day when representatives of DDU, Dental Protection and Wesleyan offer hospitality to the students and recruit them. This year, for the first time, the BDAA was there, represented by Ken Marshall and Reg Andlaw, also offering refreshment and trying to recruit. As well as the students and staff who gathered in the courtyard behind the Chapter House were a few of the Hannover party who had been guests from the 9th June.   One of them was Professor Husametin Gunay whom we were both pleased to meet again, but particularly Ken Marshall who set up the Hannover Exchange way back in 1973and must derive great satisfaction seeing it remain so successful. The BDAA has supported the Hannover Exchange since 2005.

Photo shows, Reg Andlaw, Husametin Gunay & Ken Marshall