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Class of 1983, 35th year Reunion

The class of 83 met on the weekend of November 17th2018 for their 35 year reunion. There were some early arrivals, who met on the Friday night to share a few drinks and a curry. The main event began on Saturday with the customary tour of the Dental Hospital, conducted this year by Sue Hooper. It was a sharp reminder of our advancing years in that Mansoor was accompanied by his daughter who herself is a final year student at the BDH. This spilled over for a few of us who continued to greet one another over a few drinks whilst watching England play rugby.

Later on, dressed for the evening we all met at The Marriott Hotel. I think we were all amazed by the excellent turnout by not only our year group but many of our former tutors, who came out of retirement to share the evening with us. This was such a kind gesture and many stories were exchanged throughout the evening. Special mention must also go to Abbas who flew in from Canada  – great effort!

The night began with a champagne reception followed by a delicious meal for most of us. However, Jenny’s meal confirmed that I am highly unlikely to ever become a vegan!

Following the meal Dave Wood gave a talk on the charity he is currently involved with in Africa –Bridge 2 Aid.  This is a charity that sends dentists to tutor local nurses who are trained to administer emergency dental treatments to people in need of pain relief. A donation was later made by the guests of the evening to this worthy cause.

The night continued into the early hours dancing to the tunes of our youth. Many of us made the most of seeing each other again and talked till morning. Needless to say breakfast  was slightly subdued.

Again none of this would have taken place if it were not for the excellent organisational skills of Shilly and Tracey, who somehow manage to keep the attendance levels high even after 35 years. Already the date is set for 2023 – who could ask for more? Here’s looking forward to our 40th.

Owen Jenkins