Chris was born in Buckinghamshire in 1942 even though his family were all from London, because his father was working at Bletchley Park.  He would have liked to have studied electronics but knew that, finding even O-level additional maths hard, he would never get the A-level maths required. It was his mother who suggested he should do dentistry, which to Chris, seemed a good idea at the time. His becoming distracted with his interest of cars and motor racing however ended up with him being “put back” 6 months. He eventually qualified from Guys in 1965. Following the usual house jobs he then went into part-time practice whilst also remaining as a part-time registrar at Guys. Chris knew by this time that he wanted to teach. He met Tim Bass when he came to Guys who told him he needed to go away and learn some decent orthodontics first, so he went to the Royal Dental via their oral surgery department. He took a big drop in earnings but was by then supported by his hardworking fellow student/wife Marion! Chris met a lot of “good people” at the Royal but decided he needed to get out of London and so came to Bristol to re-join Tim Bass. Chris still considers Tim the best teacher he ever met and as luck would have it, he had just reorganised the teaching at Bristol and needed a sidekick…Chris being the man!

Chris did a lot of interesting things over the next 25 years  – MDU Dental Committee, Royal College of Surgeons of England Faculty Board, GDC Specialist Advisory  Group, Standing Dental Advisory Committee, Editorial Board of Dental Update, Dept. of Health IT Strategy Implementation Group, Civil Consultant to the RAF etc…to name but a few!

Since retirement Chris has caught up on a lot of things he didn’t have time to do whilst working. For one thing, he discovered that historical research is at least as interesting as dental research. He is just as proud of being Life President of SW England Dry Stone Walling Association as he is of being a Fellow of the BDA and Life Member of the British Orthodontic Society.