Gary came to Bristol in 1974 but was seduced into the (Declan) Anderson Mafia, which meant the intercalated Physiology degree delayed dental qualification until 1980. He has remained in practice in Bristol ever since and retired at Christmas 2014…the job’s not what it was!

He has been married to Janine, Consultant anaesthetist, Pain Clinic lead and Deputy Director of Medical Education at Southmead Hospital for over 35 years and has 2 children, Tom & Sarah. He still plays ragtime guitar to keep the fingers nimble and cycles everywhere on his trusty Brompton. He used to love flying planes and helicopters but a medical blip involving lymphoma and chemotherapy meant losing his CAA medical which put paid to that. He still keeps very fit though; mainly through cycling and running, in an effort to keep up with Janine who’s still keen on Triathlons.

He still loves watching England play Rugby, still enjoys a beer or two with lots of people, and still takes too many photographs!

Retirement plans include writing a book…”Dentistry…A Life Wasted”.

Nobody is safe…you have been warned!